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Post an ad using your cellphone
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To post an ad to TxtToAd using your cellphone..


1. Take a photo (or photos) with your cellphone camera

2. Email the ad including photo(s) to, putting the title of the ad in the subject, preceded by the word "TxtToAd" and the description of the ad in the body of the email. Try to include as much info as possible in the body of the email - price, shipping info, special info etc.* Remember that all photos and text sent in a single email will form part of a SINGLE AD.

3. If this is the first time you have used TxtToad from that cellphone, in response to your email you will receive an email from TxtToad containing:
your email address and a generated password

4. If required, you can use that email address and password to get access to the TxtToAd site from
any web browser (whether on a cellphone or a computer).

5. On the site, you can edit your ad, add more information, such as Price, Shipping Info, Tax info, Payment info (e.g. do you take checks/cash/credit cards), Location info. You can also modify the original ad and text/photos.

6. Note that any responses to your ad will be via either text message to your cellphone or email (we send emails to the email address from which the ad was posted). Thus, there is no need to post your cellphone number or other contact information in the body of the email. However, you are welcome to do so at your own risk.


7. If you ever wish to update the ad you sent us, simply send another email with the same subject (title) so we know you are updating that same ad, from the same cellphone or device . The new email will replace the old one.


8. If you ever wish to delete the ad you sent us, send another email from the same cellphone/device with the same subject except that it should be preceded by "TxtToAd Delete". This will delete your ad.

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